ImageSaw the New Moon, saw some snowdrops….this Spring is indicating that I am finally ending the various treatments I’ve had to remove cancer….some of it was grim, most of it wasn’t…I’m lucky, blessed and haven’t had any seismic shifts of awareness or new appreciation for life. Not really.

I always did see life as full of wonder and curiousity and delight; I always was prone to contemplate the possibilities of an Afterlife.

I mentally compiled an inventory of my life so far, and of course I found it wanting! I’ve yet to see the Aurora Borealis, stroke a bear, feel heat from a volcano. However, I haven’t suddenly acquired the means to do such things without compromising others; no one is offering a cash reward for having cancer treatments!

Anyway, I thought I’d try to write here again.


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2 Responses to Candlemas

  1. bethnoir says:

    I am glad you’re posting again.

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